New Program: 90 Day Slay

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Join Aaptiv Trainers Mary O. and Ackeem for the new 90 Day Slay Program! 90 Day Slay is a Strength and Conditioning Program broken into three, four-week phases that will demand your focus, drive and discipline. Each phase is bookended with a Fit Test to benchmark your progress, and has a different focus with an overall goal of getting stronger, fitter and more committed to your fitness goals. 

Phase 1: Build Your Strength consists of three workouts per week – two strength training days and one treadmill day. You will need dumbbells and a treadmill.

Phase 2: HIIT and Fit consists of  four workouts per week – two full body HIIT training days and two interval treadmill workouts.

Phase 3: Total Body Burn consists of five workouts per week – three strength training days and two treadmill workouts. Note: There are plyometrics and cardio variations in these workouts. You will be offered variations to customize the workouts best for you.

Sign up now in the Aaptiv app and get ready to slay!

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